Organising Your Ideas and Using Pinterest

 you’re planning your wedding or other special occasion. You might have already read my previous planning posts {seven planning questions; bringing personality into your planning; finding ideas that are totally you – if not, take a look!} and now your knee deep in wedding magazines, glued to the internet and have a head full of ideas and inspiration for your special day.

I’m here today to help you assemble all of those ideas (before they turn your brain to ‘wedding mush’) into some sense of order, so you can map your ideas and inspiration and ultimately come out the other end with plans perfect for your celebration!

Creating A Mood Board / Pin Board / Scrapbook

If you want to assemble everything you’ve seen and loved into some sort of order one of these will help you. Effectively, they are all variations of the same thing. You can create a mood board on a large piece of cardboard or in a scrapbook or wedding planning book if you want to do this, using magazines and photographs {it can make a nice keepsake!}. Or if you prefer to browse online, you can create your pin board on a site like Pinterest and save on space {I’ll explain more about Pinterest later in the post}.

The idea couldn’t be simpler


Organise Your Images

You want to organise your images into specific elements of your special day. Below are some ideas of the categories you might want to split them into – some are wedding specific, so choose those that apply to you

· Wedding Dress
· Bridesmaid Dresses
· Grooms Attire
· Attendants Attire
· Flowers
· Invitations and Stationery
· Venue
· Food & Drink
· Decorations
· Cake
· DIY Ideas
· Favours
· Attendants Gifts
· Colour Schemes
· Wedding Jewellery
· Honeymoon
· Vows
· Planning Tips

If you’re working on a board, allocate different areas of the board to different categories. If you’re using a book, separate your ideas onto separate pages. If you’re on Pinterest I’d suggest creating a different pin board for each element above. Feel free to add any others you’d like.

Keep your ideas streamlined

It can be tempting to choose to stick / pin everything you see that you like. STOP! Don’t do that
 it will only serve to confuse you and make you indecisive. The best way to select images is to ask yourself:-
· Would this work with the type of wedding I had in mind?
· Is it achievable within my budget?
You don’t have to choose to take forward every idea you collate, but they need to serve to give you a feel for the style you are wanting that element of your occasion to take.

Using Pinterest to Collate Your Ideas
You may already be familiar with Pinterest, and are already using it for collecting images of things you love or want to try. If so, it will naturally fit for you to set up your Wedding boards and organise your images through the application too. If you’ve not used Pinterest before, I’m here to give you a brief overview how it works and my top tips for planning.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an application which allows you to collate images you like and ‘Pin’ them onto a virtual pin board, where you can refer back to them at any time you like. It also is an excellent resource for researching new ideas, as it acts as a social community and allows you to search other people’s pinned images by category. It also allows you to follow the pin boards of people you find who’s content inspires you, and provides a constant feed of the images they pin for you to look through.

It is also **HIGHLY ADDICTIVE** – I jest not!

How can I sign up for Pinterest?

Visit the Pinterest Website to sign up online. Their website gives you an overview of how it works here.

Once you have an account, you can start pinning away. This is a useful YouTube Tutorial from Thrifty Ninja to show you the basics of pinning and using Pinterest. It talks through how you can set up a pinning bookmarklet in your browser that allows you to pin any image you see on the web. Also most blogs, online magazines and websites have Pin buttons next to images and articles so you can pin them directly to your boards.

Pinterest Etiquette

Be respectful, be yourself, and give credit for anything you pin. It’s important that you never pass of other people’s images as your own due to potential copyright infringement. The best way to manage this is to pin using the pin button or your bookmarklet – the source will always be linked and listed then. Also in the free form text box as you pin, always give credit to the source. If you’re pinning from an image already on Pinterest, and there is no source listed, clicking on the image may take you to it. Avoid pinning images without the original image source listed where possible.

Personal Boards
These are pin boards that can only be seen by you and whoever else you assign access to. They are great for planning surprises and for collaborating with other people. You might want to consider personal boards for capturing your images of:-
· Wedding Dress
· Wedding Party Gifts
· Honeymoon (if it’s a surprise)
· Vows (if they are personal and sentimental)
Your maid of honour and best man may want to set up their own Personal Boards to pin ideas for the Hen and Stag party. You might want to invite your florist, wedding planner or bridesmaids to access one or two of your personal boards if you want to collaborate with them on ideas. At the time of writing this, Pinterest offers a maximum of three personal boards, so decide which are the most important to keep underwraps!

Top Three Planning Mistakes To Avoid when using Pinterest

1. Don’t go pinterest mad and pin absolutely everything you see that you like! You’ll have a nightmare wading through your images and it could confuse your decision making. With each pin ask the two questions at the beginning of the post – does it fit with what I had in mind? Is it {or something like it} achievable for my budget?
2. DIY tutorials are great on Pinterest, but don’t get caught up with the novelty and decide to try and make every great idea you see. Planning a wedding is a busy time, so by all means be creative, but also be realistic over how much time you have to create DIY efforts. Enlist the help of family and friends if you come across a great DIY find that you just have to incorporate into your day!
3. Don’t give everything away. It is good to have elements of your day that are a surprise or a lovely little touch that they didn’t know about. It’s sooo tempting to share all of your exciting finds with friends and family
 save something back so they get to fully enjoy your special touches on the day itself. That might mean keeping knowledge of your Pinterest addiction and page details to a minimum amongst your friends and family!


I hope you’ve found this post useful, and feel inspired to organise your research using one of the techniques above. Pop over and take a look at my Pinterest Boards – there is plenty of inspiration you can Pin onto your own!I’d love to hear how you get on – leave a comment or drop me an email with how your planning is going. How are you researching your ideas for your celebration? Do you have any tips for other readers you can share?

Happy planning!

Emma xoxo

Free Valentines Printables


So, it’s the end of the first week in February already – where did January go?! I’ve been quiet on the blog front as I’ve been busy at work and luckily I’ve had some fantastic celebrations and breaks planned in January with family and friends… the best idea ever to make sure January is full of fun to banish those new year blues!

As we approach February 14th I wanted to share two different little freebies I’ve created for you, that you can use for your other half on Valentines day, or even on an anniversary or birthday if you’re looking to create something personal for someone you love.

Valentines Day can often seem like yet another day of expense if you take the gift route every year. Whether you’re fed up of the commercialism of it all, or you’re saving those pennies for your big day or this years holiday, or if you just want to show a little thought to someone you love this month, I’ve two little freebies you can print out and make at home, really easily, which are both gorgeous, and best of all, free!10thingsfor-web

All you need to create these great little gifts is: a printer, paper and cardboard, scissors, glue or double sided tape, and a pen. It couldn’t be easier!

10 Things I Love About You – There aren’t many opportunities you get to really tell your partner exactly what it is you love about them, which is why this sweet little printable is a perfect valentines gift. The downloadable pack has contents to make a wallet and ten sticks which you can personalise with ten things you love about your partner. It’s not often you get to share with your other half exactly what it is that makes them so special to you
so this is a sweet little idea perfect for anyone to use!

Date Vouchers – I created these on the back of an idea I heard about a few years ago – every year I’ve meant to do this for my anniversary or valentines day, but never got round to it! In this little printables pack, there are 12 different vouchers you can print and use (use one or use them all!). There’s also a pocket you can make to put them in as a gift to your other half. Whether you want to stay in and make your other half a meal, or you want to pay for a weekend away, or a night out of the town – there are lots of different voucher ideas you can give to your partner as a gift. You could even put the money in to pay for one of the date ideas.datevouchersforweb1 I personally like the idea of giving a voucher for each month of the year, as an idea of something you can do together each month (I hope Mr Webb isn’t reading, it may spoil the surprise!). You can choose to use either the ‘Date Vouchers’ wallet, if you want to give more than one of the vouchers, or the ‘A Special Gift’ wallet if you’re giving just one of the vouchers. These can also make great little gifts for friends and family for birthdays too!

To download the printable files, and view the simple instructions, select the links below:

Happy making!

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A New Year Guide to A Whole Lot of Lovely

guestsI thought I’d kick off the New Year with a little post to wish you a very happy 2014 and give any of you newbies to A Whole Lot of Lovely a peak at what my little business is all about.

First things first, a HUGE Happy New Year to you all. I hope you’ve had some really fantastic festive celebrations and are now ready to leap into 2014 headfirst and make it your year! If you’re newly engaged or a recently new visitor a particularly sparkly hello from me {she waves a little crazily} and thanks for joining me in my quest to share with you all A Whole Lot of Lovely from the world of weddings and special occasions!

You’ll find more about how A Whole Lot of Lovely started over on my home page - take a look at my story here to see why I devote a lot of my time to helping create that personal touch through beautiful stationery and special decorations and gifts.

So how can you get the most from A Whole Lot of Lovely? facebook-7First up, be sure to follow A Whole Lot of Lovely on Facebook – my Facebook page is where I share regular inspiration for your special celebrations from both my business and lots of other fantastic suppliers, including styling ideas, colour schemes, real weddings and celebrations, planning tips, links to super sweet DIY ideas and gift ideas. My page is here – be sure to change your settings so you don’t miss out on any of the lovely…

If you love your Twitter, follow A Whole Lot of Lovely there to catch up on some more of the above, and to hear the ramblings of a crazy lady {yep, me!} in pursuit of all things lovely. My twitter page is here.

Finally, if you’ve not already become addicted to Pinterest like me, I would definitely recommend it – it’s like a virtual pin board of your favourite things, Pinterest is perfect for inspiration and for storing visual information and ideas for future plans or projects you might have {watch out for my forthcoming blog post about using Pinterest when planning a special occasion}. You can find A Whole Lot of Lovely on Pinterest here – select follow to keep up to date with all my lovely pinning.

Most importantly, if you want to get the most from A Whole Lot of Lovely, pop by on my website like you have today. My blog is updated every couple of weeks with a new post. I always keep a good mix of planning tips for weddings and special occasions, feature best bits from other lovely suppliers and providers, and share with you stationery, decorations and gifts that are available to order directly from me. You can subscribe to my RSS blog feed here. If you’re new to my site, or didn’t spot some of my 2013 posts, below are a few you can take a look at!

So, it’s lovely to have you with me for our 2014 journey! Grab a cuppa, put your feet up and take a little time to browse my Wedding Stationery collections, the decorations, gifts, wedding lovely and seasonal goodies in my Little Shop of Lovely, and if you have any questions, if you want to buy any items on the site, or if you’d like to book a stationery order in my diary, just drop me an email to

Last but not at all at least, one thing to know about me is that I love to hear from you! Whether you’ve been with A Whole Lot of Lovely since 2013, or if you are a new visitor, come say hello in the comments below! Tell me what special occasions you have this year, and where you’re up to with your planning. Is there something you’d like to see covered in a blog post? … I can’t wait to hear from you!

Here’s to a very Lovely 2014… good to have you with A Whole Lot of Lovely for the ride!

Emma xoxo

{Image Credit – Wedding Party Celebration:- Photo Love Photography}

Introducing my Little Shop of Lovely

Shop---smallA big hello from A Whole Lot of Lovely!

It’s so lovely to be back with a blog post after what’s been a very busy month. Not only has A Whole Lot of Lovely been busy creating beautiful stationery suites for weddings, birthday celebrations and christenings in September and October, but I’ve also been busy putting some finishing touches to a new addition to the site… The Little Shop of Lovely.

So what is this super sweet little shop?!

Let me tell you how I arrived here… A Whole Lot of Lovely was created on the back of a dream to bring a little bit of magic into some of those memory making moments in people’s lives. My aim through all of my wedding and special occasion stationery is to incorporate that little bit of something special and unique that wows your guests and creates lasting memories of your special day.

All those people I’ve created invitations and stationery for – brides and grooms for weddings, parents for christenings, and friends of people holding birthday parties, baby showers and hen celebrations - they have all had one thing in common… wanting to make their special celebrations, just that… special. All of my lovely customers have been super focused on finding those special touches that will give their celebrations the wow factor, and that has extended far beyond their stationery choices.

Pastel-Pompoms-1In this industry I’m lucky to stumble across some great suppliers for these types of goodies, (and I have to admit I’m a sucker for anything sweet!), so I decided to make life easier for my customers and share A Whole Lot of Lovely finds in my Little Shop of Lovely. So now you can get not only your beautiful stationery directly from my in house studio, but also source decorations, wedding lovely, gifts and home ware, and seasonal pretty from great suppliers through A Whole Lot of Lovely too. Better still… they won’t break the bank either!

I’m delighted to confirm that these items are available to order from today. As I am a little home ran business, stock held is limited, but if you see an item you like, you can contact me by email ( to check stock and request your invoice. If you’re planning an event now and would like to bulk order items, let me know early and I can order in to meet your requirements.

And it’s not just for occasions you are hosting… my Little Shop of Lovely has some great gifts for weddings, and for birthdays, christenings and Christmas. It even has a lot of lovely items that you can pamper yourself and your home with too! Polka-Heart-Love-Box

Payments can be made by bank transfer to A Whole Lot of Lovely (details are on the invoice I send you), or if you prefer to pay by card, let me know and I will arrange for a Paypal invoice to be sent which allows you to pay by debit or credit card, even if you don’t already have a Paypal account.

So, what are you waiting for… there is a whole host of lovely to browse and take a look at. You can access the shop on the menu bar at the top of the page, or by clicking on the shop in this blog post above.

Happy browsing my lovely readers…!

-Emma xoxo

PS. I’d love to know what you think… which items do you love? Leave me a comment below to let me know!

Lots of Lovely Best Bits – w/c 09.09.13

A Whole Lot of Lovely has been super busy this week. Amongst the orders I have been busy finishing off and shipping a fabulous Glorious Gatsby order for a Gatsby themed American Wedding, and some beautiful Save the Dates with a Vintage Beetle twist! Keep an eye on my facebook pages for pics after the couples have shared them with their guests.

Amongst all the pretty paper fun, I’ll be heading up north to Newcastle for the Great North Run this weekend, so today’s post has been scheduled ready for you as I watch the start of the race… I’m sure I’ll be pretty jealous that I couldn’t take part this year – it’s such a fantastic atmosphere up there and the feeling of achievement when you cross that finish line can’t be matched!

So hopefully whilst I’m stood in the cold, you’ll be nice and warm at home, so sit back with that Sunday brew and have a look at some of the best bits I’ve picked out to share with you this week. Enjoy!

- Emma xoxo


Finding Ideas that are Totally YOU


Morning you lovely lot! This week I want to share some super words of wisdom to help you think about where to find your inspiration from planning your special celebration.

If you weren’t with us over the last two weeks, you may have missed some of my pre-planning thought provoking exercises that will help you make your special day unique . If you missed them, have a read as they will help make sense of today’s post:

With blogs, magazines, the internet in general and social media applications like Pinterest, you certainly won’t be struggling to find images and ideas for your special day and celebrations! But with the sheer volume of content out there, how do you make sense of it all and most importantly ensure the ideas you collect are the right ones to wow your guests and create those lasting memories you’re after? That, my lovely readers, is exactly what we’re looking at today.

In this series of posts, I can’t say it enough… it has got to be all about YOU. So first things first go back to your answers to the seven questions from week one to remind yourself of what you decided was important for your day, and also have a read of the words you came up with when you were thinking of your unique wedding concept last week. What was important to you, and how did you want your guests to feel? Use these ideas to guide you when collecting your ideas and inspiration.

Home-Emma-CaseOk, so now we have our concept as our framework, where should we look for ideas? My first rule of idea hunting is to look outside of the industry that represents what you’re doing. It is very easy to get sucked into the trap of only looking at wedding pictures and ideas to inspire you when planning your wedding day. If you do that you will find some lovely ideas, but the chances are that a lot of these things will be someone else’s unique ideas, and not your own. To create something meaningful to you, I would suggest you cast your net wider…

1. Your Lifestyle – There is no better way come up with fantastic personal ideas than drawing them from your own lifestyle. What type of fashion do you go for? What interests and hobbies do you have? Think about your home… what look does it have, what dĂ©cor do you like? You can even stretch this as far as the colours and textures in your home. In my design work I often find prized possessions and family heirlooms can also be a great source of inspiration to bring into ideas for your special day.

2 – Your Venue – If you have already decided on where you want to hold your special celebrations, or even if you have only decided on the type of venue you are looking for, look for inspiration and ideas that are shaped by it. If your venue is a country hotel with beautiful gardens, look for English Country Garden ideas… if you have decided a fun filled outdoor celebration, keep an eye out for rustic country touches or fun fair ideas.

Your venue may well have some history or unique features that you could draw ideas or inspiration from, like this stunning floor from Emma Case’s photograph. I am thinking immediately how this could be worked into a motif on invitations and stationery for the day! When you know your venue, consider the room, look for ideas that will tie in with the colours, textures and space already in there.venue-floor-emma-case

3 – Design Trends – Use current trends to inspire you – colours, textures, and popular styling are all areas you can get ideas from. The key here is not to draw on ideas purely because they are in fashion. Challenge yourself around these – do they fit with your seven questions? Do they fit with your wedding concept? Are they you? If so, go for it! (If not, steer clear!)

4 – Nature - Get yourself outdoors to pick up some ideas and inspiration! You can turn this one into something fun with your other half… have a day out or a nice long walk either somewhere you enjoy being together or somewhere new. See what colours and textures spark your imagination. You might even come across something on your little day out that might feature on your big day.


5 – Blogs, Magazines and Pinterest – Now I know I said before that we need to cast the net wider, but it’s ok to indulge in this if we do it the right way. If it’s a wedding you’re planning, then you will naturally gravitate towards this type of content… and enjoy it because there are so many fantastic photographs and images out there! A few of my personal favourite blogs for wedding inspiration are Rock My Wedding; Boho Weddings; Rock n Roll Bride; Elizabeth Anne Designs; Style Me Pretty; Emmaline Bride and Magnolia Rouge. I love to browse these on a Saturday morning with a cuppa to keep up to date on what’s happening in wedding world.

A great way to access blog content easily is to subscribe to a Blog Reading platform like Bloglovin – these sites pull all material together in one place to make it easy to browse ideas and inspiration in a simple format without having to trawl the internet yourself. To make life even easier for you, here at A Whole Lot of Lovely you will find a summary of some of the best bits from around the internet on my blog on a Sunday – keep up to date by subscribing for updates at the bottom of the page if you want weekly access to some particularly lovely posts from key wedding and lifestyle blogs.

There are also plenty of monthly wedding publications to choose from through from Brides to Wedding Ideas – many of these also now have a decent online presence too. The overriding thing to remember with the content that you will find online and in publications is that you need to stick to your wedding concept. A lot of the content you will see will be other people’s unique ideas, and whilst it’s great to be inspired by the colour palette’s and how other people’s days have been put together, if you find something you like challenge yourself before you save the link / cut out the picture / pin it… is it you? Would it create the feeling and emotion that you decided you were after? How would it make your guests feel? Do you have any personal connection to it? Seek out those ideas that really work with your wedding idea and reflect your personality.

So with a ‘Take me Out’ Paddy McGuiness style sound and lighting… the power is in your hands! I’ve armed you with some pointers on how you can make sense of everything out there, and how you can avoid the trap of merely repeating other people’s ideas. Now it’s over to you to peruse the pretty and find ideas and inspiration that fits with the wedding concept you have decided on.

Next week we’ll be looking at how we can collect these ideas and inspiration… from old fashioned scrapbooking through to getting the most out of Pinterest. For this week I’ll leave you with your keepsake card for the week for you to cut out or Pin using the pin button below.


If you want to keep updated from A Whole Lot of Lovely on planning and lots of other pretty, you can subscribe to my updates at the foot of the page and you will receive a free Planning Guide just for signing up!

For now let’s share – I’d love to hear where your favourite places for inspiration and ideas have been… drop me a comment below and share with me and my other readers your favourite spots for inspiring content!

Emma xoxo

{Image Credits: all photographs used are done so with the kind permission from the talented Emma & Pete over at Emma Case Photography who captured these beautiful shots.}