Bridal Diaries: Marie & Joe – Part 1

This week I’m excited to introduce you to one of A Whole Lot of Lovely’s brides to be, Marie, who will be marrying her groom, Joe, in September this year. With not long to go, over the next couple of weeks, Marie will be sharing with you a little bit about her journey so far from meeting her husband to be, to their engagement, planning their wedding and preparing for their big day.

So with introductions done, over to Marie to tell us more about their story in Part 1 of their Bridal Diaries feature…


“I first met my partner Joe in the first year of infant school, he was actually my first ever boyfriend. Check us out in our picture together from Guitar Class! I told my mum back then that I was going to marry him – all be it I told her we were going to get married at the back of our village’s local Police Station(?). As things go, later in primary school I planned on marrying another childhood boyfriend at the back of the Fire Station – he turns out to be one of Joe’s best friends and one of the ushers at our Wedding …the things kids come out with! Joe and I went all the way through school together but went our own separate ways – in fact we didn’t speak again properly again until we had left school.”


“Our first meeting as adults came on a random night out with the girls. I started up a conversation with Joe and took a liking to him.  He happened to tell me where he would be the next night, so dragging one of my bridesmaids along I took her to a local pub only to find after much waiting and drinking that he was a no show – which I still don’t let him forget to this day!  Months later our paths crossed again and during our conversation a friend of mine happened to interrupt and ask him where he was taking me out next…  from that moment on we have been together ever since.”

“As Joe is in the Navy we have always done the long distance relationship thing, seeing each other every weekend or every other weekend due to his work commitments. I’ve always tried to see this as a positive in our relationship – it has kept things exciting and even now I still get butterflies after not seeing him for a week or two.  It does have its drawbacks, he isn’t always there when I need him or just want a cuddle at the end of a crappy day and visa versa for Joe. However, we work hard to make the best of it.”

The Proposal

“I always said that if Joe ever proposed to me I sort of knew what I wanted in my head: just the two of us somewhere outside, romantic with a fairy light background, a total surprise.  Joe had arrived back early one Friday and arranged to pick me up from work. I’d had a really bad day to the point I had walked into Joes car crying my eyes out, mascara stained and not looking my best in a drab grey uniform.  On the way home, Joe asked if I’d like to go a different route home – I told him I didn’t care which route we went, I just wanted to get home and in the bath. After a bit of general chit chat and a bumpy ride down the country lanes, Joe pulled over in a dirt track lay-by. He started with what I recognised to be a proposal speech, to which I pleaded after the day I’d had “please, please don’t do this here!” Like a trooper he carried on bless him. I felt for him, he told me apparently he had planned a special setting, but seeing “the state of me” (his words not mine!) he thought the proposal would cheer me up. I said yes but I think he felt it wasn’t the proposal he’d planned or that I’d dreamed of, and he told me that he’d ask me again.”


“A few months down the line in December 2010 we stayed at Joe’s quarters in Plymouth for his team’s Christmas party. The day after as we were suffering from a bit of a hangover Joe’s mum called him. I could hear her on the phone word for word, and I heard her ask him “have you done it yet?”… so much for a surprise! That night we had arranged to visit some of Joe’s friends who lived in Exeter. Driving out of Plymouth Joe seemed agitated and told me that he needed to go back to Plymouth. By this time it was snowing, and we arrived at a beautiful snowy seafront location. He asked me to take a walk with him. He took me to the Plymouth Hoe, where he proposed in the snow on one knee, with the stars twinkling above. Whilst part of me wishes I didn’t know it was coming, the proposal was pretty much perfect. We couldn’t wait to share the news with our friends and family!”

Dealing With The Unexpected…

“We wanted to enjoy being engaged before diving in head first into wedding planning, but to throw us completely off track a month later we found out we we’re expecting our first baby together so thoughts of a wedding we’re immediately dashed for thoughts of nappies, baby grows and pushchairs. Once our little bundle of joy Thomas arrived, we knew that once we got used to parenthood we wanted to start to try and arrange the wedding.”

“Then surprise number two came along and we found out that we were expecting again. Not only this but also that Joe was being posted to serve in Bahrain for 5 months. It couldn’t have come at a worse time for us as a family. It was a tough period for us all – it meant Thomas wouldn’t see his daddy, Joe would miss out on some of his most precious moments, and my growing bump. I knew it was probably harder for Joe as although it was hard for us, he was the one missing out and not having his family around. Thankfully, he made it back in December 2012 just in time for his second son Jack to be born.”

“In July 2013 we decided that we needed to get back on track and set things in stone as we wanted to start living together as a family. Finally we were able to start planning our wedding… and it definitely wasn’t going to be behind the village Police Station!”

*          *          *

I hope you loved the first part of Marie’s story – a great reminder that marriage isn’t just about the wedding day, it’s about two people’s bond, how they face the unexpected and how they have a stronger relationship for it. Join Marie next time to find out how the planning for their special day has progressed since then in Part 2 of her Bridal Story.

Now over to you – what’s your story? How did your groom propose? Have you had to overcome the unexpected? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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