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So, it’s the end of the first week in February already – where did January go?! I’ve been quiet on the blog front as I’ve been busy at work and luckily I’ve had some fantastic celebrations and breaks planned in January with family and friends… the best idea ever to make sure January is full of fun to banish those new year blues!

As we approach February 14th I wanted to share two different little freebies I’ve created for you, that you can use for your other half on Valentines day, or even on an anniversary or birthday if you’re looking to create something personal for someone you love.

Valentines Day can often seem like yet another day of expense if you take the gift route every year. Whether you’re fed up of the commercialism of it all, or you’re saving those pennies for your big day or this years holiday, or if you just want to show a little thought to someone you love this month, I’ve two little freebies you can print out and make at home, really easily, which are both gorgeous, and best of all, free!10thingsfor-web

All you need to create these great little gifts is: a printer, paper and cardboard, scissors, glue or double sided tape, and a pen. It couldn’t be easier!

10 Things I Love About You – There aren’t many opportunities you get to really tell your partner exactly what it is you love about them, which is why this sweet little printable is a perfect valentines gift. The downloadable pack has contents to make a wallet and ten sticks which you can personalise with ten things you love about your partner. It’s not often you get to share with your other half exactly what it is that makes them so special to you…so this is a sweet little idea perfect for anyone to use!

Date Vouchers – I created these on the back of an idea I heard about a few years ago – every year I’ve meant to do this for my anniversary or valentines day, but never got round to it! In this little printables pack, there are 12 different vouchers you can print and use (use one or use them all!). There’s also a pocket you can make to put them in as a gift to your other half. Whether you want to stay in and make your other half a meal, or you want to pay for a weekend away, or a night out of the town – there are lots of different voucher ideas you can give to your partner as a gift. You could even put the money in to pay for one of the date ideas.datevouchersforweb1 I personally like the idea of giving a voucher for each month of the year, as an idea of something you can do together each month (I hope Mr Webb isn’t reading, it may spoil the surprise!). You can choose to use either the ‘Date Vouchers’ wallet, if you want to give more than one of the vouchers, or the ‘A Special Gift’ wallet if you’re giving just one of the vouchers. These can also make great little gifts for friends and family for birthdays too!

To download the printable files, and view the simple instructions, select the links below:

Happy making!

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